Recrutement de bénévoles

Nous avons toujours besoin de bénévoles!

Les bénévoles sont des personnes qui veulent aider leurs concitoyens. Leurs compétences en français et/ou leurs intérêts déterminent leur participation à la vie associative de La magie des mots. Que se soit en administration, en développement de projet ou en soutien à l’apprentissage, tout type de bénévolat est valorisé.

Quel que soit votre expérience et quel que soit le temps que vous pouvez offrir, vous êtes les bienvenus dans l’équipe de La magie des mots.

Recruiting volunteers

We are always in need of volunteers.  

Volunteers give one-on-one coaching and/or classes to small groups. They also help with other activities, such as preparing lessons or doing advertising.

Our volunteers are people who want to help others. Their skills in French or English and their personal interests determine where they can fit in. Retired teachers, remedial teachers and people from other career backgrounds can join our team. The more experienced volunteers mentor the new ones, who haven’t studied education or who have limited experience in the field.

We take into account your availability and scheduling needs. In general, we ask you for two hours’ availability a week, during the day or evening.

Volunteers receive a lot in return:

You get the feeling of having really helped someone, the pleasure of sharing your interests, the satisfaction of having done your part to improve the quality of our language and you will appreciate the sincerity of your students’ gratitude.

Volunteering is very fulfilling!

Contact us for more information on how your talents can provide a service for others!

Call us  450 763-1331.